Most Important 7 Things To Know About Reliance Jio 4G

7.Lowest Base Rate For Data In The Market


Jio’s base rate for data are one-tenth of what other telecom providers have out in the market currently. Jio users will be charged just 5p for 1MB of data, or Rs 50 for 1GB of data. The Jio networks not only supports 4G, but come 5G and 6G ready as well.

6.Online Activation of SIM Cards


Jio users can get their SIM cards activated without having to physically go to a retail store. Anyone with an Aadhar card are eligible to use the eKYC or paperless CAF to get their connections activated.

5.4G-enabled LYF Smartphones at Rs 2,999


Reliance is not only providing cheap data but also cheap smartphones to make use of all that cheap data. LYF smartphones start from as low as Rs 2,999 which has 4G LTE support, quad-core processor, 5-megapixel camera and dual SIM support.

4.10 4G LTE Plans To Choose From


In a country where there are 22,000 telecom tariffs to choose from, Jio is offering a simple 10-plan tarriff rates starting from Rs 149 per month to Rs 4,999 per month.

3.Students Get 25 per cent More Data


If you have a valid student ID card, you are eligible to get 25 per cent more data on all data plans.

2.Unlimited Voice and Video Calls


Subscribers to Jio 4G network will not have to pay for voice and video calls. Users will be able to enjoy unlimited voice calls and video calls. There will also be no roaming charges for Jio customers. Users will also get a peak download speed of 135mbps on Jio network.

1.Jio Free Welcome Offer


Under the free welcome offer, Jio users will get all the network’s services for free, including unlimited data, voice and video calls and Jio’s suite of apps from September 5 to December 31st.

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