The Bugatti Chiron is already among the fastest that a street legal car can be. It is a mind boggling 420 km/h or 261 mph that the Chiron is capable of. While that should be enough for most mile suckers, there are always those who are on the lookout for even more zip.

It is for those that the Chiron seems to have more under the hood than it meets the eye. For the massive 1479 hp engine seems to be hiding a few more precious horses that again can add some more zest to the car’s already formidable mile munching abilities.

As revealed in an interview with Autoblog, the head of engineering department at Bugatti, Willi Netuschil made it clear that the Chiron when unlocked can accelerate all the way up to 285 mph or 458 kmh.

However, the good piece of news also accompanies with a statutory warning that the new top speed is to be attempted keeping in mind the additional stopping distance needed to bring the vehicle to a stop. Also needless to say, one needs to have lots of guts as well as a surface long enough to let the Chiron stretch it legs to the farthest.

“You have to remember how much greater the braking distance needed is at those levels,” said Netuschil. “The Volkswagen Group’s track near Wolfsburg has a specially designed long straight that can be used for these type of high-speed stunts.”

As a refresher, the Chiron comes equipped with an 8.0-liter W16 engine capable of generating a range topping 1,480 horsepower. The three figure speed mark is breached in just 2.5 seconds from standing still, which makes it a real speed monster of a car.

Another standout feature of the Chiron, apart from its top rated sprinting abilities is its dynamic styling that can make the Chiron stand out in say a million cars.

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