The world is now even smaller with Google’s Trips app


Google has been putting in a lot of effort to streamline personal travel experience. Just recently it released Destinations, a mobile search feature that lets you plan your travel. And now that planning a travel is taken care of, the search giant is gunning for helping a traveler while he is in a new city, through its newly introduced Trips app for iOS and Android.

The free app lets you organize your hotel and flight reservations simply by picking them up from your inbox. It offers editorial guides of over 200 cities, search for places to eat and drink and plan day trips. But what is best is the fact that all of it is available offline. Once Google knows where

you are headed, it will automatically download the maps and everything else about the place and keep them ready for you to access, without an expensive international data plan.

The Trips app is Google’s hope to become the default choice for travelers to get around a new city once they have arrived.

The app requires you to log in with your Google account and there is an option to switch between your work and personal accounts even. Once you are signed in, upcoming and previous trips will pop on the feed.

Tap into an upcoming trip and a colorful grip will come up showing your reservations, a things to do section, saved places, food and drinks and day plans which are curated itineraries to help you explore the city better.

An additional ‘need to know’ section will also pop up giving out information regarding directions to the city from the airport, local currency and more.

The Day Plans section is the crux of the app. Curated by the excellent editorial team of Google, the section will give out custom itineraries based on how long you are staying and your saved places on Google.

If you have an active data connection, the app will give you real-time info about destinations that are open or closes, make adjustments based on the weather condition and time of the day.

There is also an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ like option in the form of a big red wand. Tap on it and the app will offer a random highlight from the city.

Privacy enthusiasts may not like this app however as Trips has a tendency to track your every step. But if you’re comfortable with sharing your location, this is a brilliant companion for your travel.

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