29 People Who Probably Had A Worse Summer

And even though these people can laugh now, there’s no doubt that they were in pain at the time. Not to mention, sun damage can have long-term effects on your skin and health. So in addition to making you laugh and cringe, we hope this serves as a PSA for the many benefits of using sunscreen properly.

This girl who was left with a permanent lanyard:

“I went to a summer program at a college and one Saturday we went to Six Flags. It was 93 degrees out so I wore a spaghetti strap top, which later proved to be a huge mistake. I put on sunscreen when we got to the park, but forgot to reapply. We had been issued these lanyards with our ID cards and we were supposed to wear them at all times — so when I burned, it left an impression on my skin. My nickname was ‘lanyard’ for the rest of the program.”

This person who got more than just “some color”:

“When I was 16, I went to Spain with my high school one summer. I skimped out on the sunscreen when we went to the beach so I could get ‘some color.’ Clearly, I got A LOT of color, and not the kind I was hoping for. I was in agonizing pain the rest of the trip. I definitely learned my lesson. Now I ALWAYS wear sunscreen to the beach and reapply it throughout the day!”

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