Astonishing Development Of Virtual Reality

Field of view: The week in virtual reality


On Wareable, we’ve been busy updating our lists with the latest and greatest experiences and apps on Samsung Gear VR. That also includes all the new 360-degree cameras that have come out this week from Kodak, Nikon and of course, GoPro.

Bigger yet, it seems like Oculus Touch finally has pricing – or at least it was spotted in a store recently. Let’s just say it’s not very wallet friendly.

Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey is making fans unhappy

Palmer Luckey is not only famous for putting VR on the map again with Oculus Rift, but also for his laid back attitude. But his appeal has declined and may keep falling after his not-so-secret money spending ways have been revealed. According to The Daily Beast, Luckey’s backing a pro-Trump meme website. While his politics are troubling for some, others can’t believe Luckey would spend his money to ‘troll,’ with one user saying, “It’s not his politics that bother me so much as it is his willingness to put money behind one of the worst things about our culture right now.” It also appears Oculus developers aren’t pleased with the turn of events either, and are going so far as pulling support for Rift.

Peripheral company Woojer made a VR vest

There are plenty of VR peripherals out now and on the way, with the Woojer VR Vest the latest to join the list. The device features six haptic transducers that play back sounds on frequencies from 0-500Hz in time with the VR game you’re playing. The haptics also rumble mimicking real life sensations tied to the game.

Hulu partners with Ryot to stream VR shows

Starting this fall, the Hulu app is getting a healthy dose of two new shows thanks to its new partnership with HuffPost’s Ryot studios. They include a news program called The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality and a comedy called Virtually Mike and Nora.

Sony’s making more VR experiences

In another partnership, Sony has teamed up with Reality One, the company that co-produced and co-published Gnomes and Goblins, by Iron Man director Jon Favreau. Sony’s lineup will include new VR experiences and use existing films as well. That means we’ll be seeing a lot more VR pieces accompanying Sony’s upcoming film releases.

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