21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wishlist

1. This wittle tiny dog sofa.


Promising review: “I replaced my family room furniture and wanted to keep my dog Chloe off the couch. I purchased this dog bed mainly because it looks cute and matches my new furniture. The bed is soft and Chloe fits very well. She weighs 11 pounds. She feels like she is part of the group when she is on her little couch.”

Price: $77.03.

2. This Chip the Cup keepsake for anyone obsessed with Beauty and the Beast.


Promising review: “Got this for my girlfriend. She LOVES it. Great mug. Great details. Awesome for any Beauty and the Beast fan!”

Price: $16.53.

3. And, while we’re reliving feel-good movies at home, this shower curtain.


Promising review:Psycho is my best friend’s favorite movie so this was a no-brainer as an inexpensive unique Halloween gift. He loves it and unfortunately will probably leave it up all year, but I’ll work on that problem

Price: $15.97.

4. These pencils that you plant when they’re too short to use.


Promising review: “My two favorite things combined in one. Write with the pencil and grow plants. Easily growing rosemary, cilantro and parsley. Nothing like fresh herbs. Planning on rosemary blue potatoes for Thanksgiving.”

Price: $17.95.

5. This Dr. Who TARDIS blanket that lets you transport out of cold and misery.


Promising review: “Once I saw there was a TARDIS blanket, I had to have it! The dimensions are perfect to cover a twin-sized bed. The print is visible on both sides, so on the reverse side, it looks like you’re behind the doors of the TARDIS. I love it!”

Price: $22.50.

6. This charmingly irreverent adult coloring book.


Promising review: “This book summarizes my life. The day it arrived in the mail, my 12-year-old daughter was having a hysterical fit over the screen of her iPhone not working correctly. I looked at her face, I looked at the book, I looked at her face again, I looked at the book again. And all was right with the world.”

Price: $8.49.

7. This knit poncho cape with matching armwarmer fingerless gloves. Comes in nine colors, all match PSL.

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Promising review: “This is my new favorite sweater so I ordered a second! Every time I wear it I get comments about how awesome it is.”

Price: $39.99.

8. Ultra modern stainless steel wine glasses that are shatter-proof and don’t let anyone judge your 11-ounce pour.


Promising review: “Over the years, we have had to have broken over 100 wine glasses! And, I do not mean in the Greek celebratory ‘Opa!’ kind of way, either! So, it has been expensive to always provide wine glasses when we serve or drink wine. We first started with the plastic glasses but many of them are stained from red wine. Now, these have come into our lives!”

Price: $34.99 for four.



Promising review: “Everything you could ever ask for in a creepy unicorn wine holder.”

Price: $19.97.

10. A PB&J zip-pocket coin purse, which, if you were wondering, also comes in taco, hamburger, ice cream sandwich, pizza, and hot dog.


Promising review: “The outside is good and realistic enough to get mistaken for a real sandwich when I left it on the kitchen table.”

Price: $12.78.

11. These handsome desert chukka boots by Clarks.


Promising review: “THE PERFECT MAN BOOT.”

Price: $84.95.

12. Culinary algae oil, which is a thing that exists.


Promising review: “Simply amazing cooking oil. Stable at very high temperature. I use it for frying eggs or potatoes, roasting vegetables… Great in salad dressing too. No taste or smell, lovely texture. GOOD FAT. I cannot imagine cooking without it. Am buying it for all my friends.”

Price: $11.99.

13. This beautiful ceramic elephant nightlight.


Promising review: “Truly this is such an elegant piece. We purchased it for our daughter’s bedroom and I truly believe this will be something she can keep throughout her life as it’s very well crafted and timeless. I was originally nervous purchasing something that didn’t have too many reviews, but I’m so thankful I took a chance on this because it really is exactly as it looks in the picture and I couldn’t be happier with our selection.”

Price: $24.95.

14. A mini culinary butane torch, if you whip up crème brûlées on the reg, or want to make it look like you do.

Promising review: “I used this torch for the first time yesterday to melt marshmallow fluff onto my son’s volcano cake. It worked great!”

Price: $17.99.

15. Button extenders because it’s that time of year.


Promising review: “My work pants don’t have any room for “give” around the waist, so when I sit, they dig in. However, these provide enough extra room that they don’t make me totally miserable.”

Price: $7.80.

16. An extra large graphic mouse mat for the extreme gamer.


Promising review: “Superb quality with very nice stitched edging. I took it out of the tub and it rolled perfectly flat on my desk. Plus there is a rad scorpion with blood and the logo says ‘Burn in Hell.’ Who wouldn’t want this?”

Price: $27.99.

17. A product called “Liquid Ass” that’s on the wishlists of a lot of people sitting at home wondering where our nation went wrong.


Promising review: “Big-time stinky you won’t be disappointed this stuff reeks!”

Price: $8.92.

18. This candy that is, as a matter of fact, good for you.


Promising review: “I would describe it as a sweet front with a spicy finish. It is chewy like a taffy. I used it to help with nausea during pregnancy which was a life saver.”

Price: $4.87.

19. This patent leather double-layer makeup case lined in leopard print.


Promising review: Q: “The sky blue color looks almost like a mint green. Is it a true sky blue?”

A: “Sorry I ordered the black.”

Price: $37.32.

20. This. Which needs no explaining, or all the explaining.


Promising review: “We love our Dragon! He hangs proudly in the bathroom and thankfully, he doesn’t converse, he just hangs there. This item is well made and a great conversation piece. My husband was thrilled to receive it and put it in his newly remodeled bathroom.”

Price: $17.18.

21. And this very actual 82-pound whole wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano Bonati Riserva parmesan cheese.


Promising review: “After gorging on the whole wheel, I ascended into an immortal state. 10/10 would buy again if I had a physical body.”

Price: $2,788.88.


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