Buy Some Interesting Stuff less than $50

1. This trendy cat tent that has a scratcher built into it.



Your cat will be paying keen a-tent-ion to this.

Price: $27

2. These pillows that look like stones for that rock solid comfort.


Finally. You can rock yourself to sleep.

Price: $39

3. This knitted snood that will turn your pet into a bear.


Your pet is gonna be bear-y happy to see you.

Price: $20

4. This set of 20 Washi tape colors to spruce up your bullet journal.


I don’t think my enthusiasm for Washi tape will ever taper off.

Price: $15

5. This magnetic bar soap holder that suspends your soap when it’s not in use.


It’s like a G rated thriller movie. Clean and suspenseful.

Price: $10

6. This Star Wars keyboard decal turns your Macbook into a bit of a cantina.


Consider your keyboard de-pressed.

Price: $15

7. This credit card sized LED bulb that flips out into a light source.


Finally a lamp that isn’t too bulb-ous.

Price: $7

8. This turtle card holder that’ll look damn cute on your desk.


This turtle is really shelling out a lot of cards.

Price: $12

9. These chewed bubble gum magnets that’ll help you keep your notes stuck on the fridge.


I wish they came in more colors, but I can’t be too chew-sy.

Price: $8

10. This four piece cup set that stacks up nicely.


This is what I would call a mug shot.

Price: $40

11. This Ryan Gosling pillowcase for reasons that don’t need to be stated.


Is there more? You can have one, and I’ll take the rest.

Price: $7

12. This handmade butter keeper that uses water to seal and keep butter fresh.


It does a butter job than the fridge.

Price: $39

13. This color changing nail polish that transforms depending on the temperature.


$3?! They really nailed it on the price.

Price: $3

14. This travel organizer that folds out into multiple compartments.


Organizer?! I hardly know her!

Price: $40

15. This umbrella that changes color when it rains.


It’s the raining champ of color changing umbrellas everywhere.

Price: $15

16. These wood coasters that are just here to help.


Wood you rather have rings or not?

Price: $17

17. And this mug that has a fox pun on it and is Highly Relevant to this post.


Set it on fire and you might have to browse for a new one.

Wow that was kind of a stretch.

Price: $13



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