Fabulous Boots To Buy For Both Men And Women


1. Pale pink Clarks boots that will be your cold-weather faves!


Promising Review: “These are my favorite boots. They are incredibly comfortable and go with everything! I would get them in every color if available.”

Price: $42.88 / Rating: 4.4/5

2. Gorgeous floral rain boots that will brighten up any dreary day.


Promising Review: “These were bought as rain boots. I wasn’t looking for arch supports and day-long comfort, just something to tramp through the mud for a couple of hours while taking care of the dogs. They were a good deal.”

Price: $27.99 / Rating: 3.6/5

3. Sam Edelman boots that will go with just about everything.


Promising Review: “These are great rain boots or everyday boots. I wear these all day long and they are extremely comfortable. I get so many compliments on these boots on the regular basis.”

Price: $31.99 / Rating: 4.3/5

4. Minty blue boots that your friends will adore.


Promising Review: “These boots are great. They fit as expected and are comfortable all day long. The color is unusual enough to make just the right statement. I love these boots for work and for play.”

Price: $39.83 / Rating: 4.6/5

5. Show-stopping red Volcom boots that will really make your outfit a standout.


Promising Review: “I’ve been looking for boots like this for a while. I always saw them in men’s sizes. And the only type I saw for women had a heel. So I was very happy to find these with barely any heel.”

Price: $31.19 / Rating: 3.6/5

6. Round-toe boots with some cute camo detailing.



Promising Review: “I absolutely love these boots. They are comfortable, waterproof and stylish. These boots will last me for several years. The fit is superb, with ample room.”

Price: $61.56 / Rating: 4.4/5

7. Pale grey Rockport boots that will definitely be your rainy day besties.


Promising Review: “I’m not exaggerating by saying these are the most comfortable shoes. I purchased my first pair in the store last year. And I then had to order a second pair online. They offer you strong arch support, and my feet never get tired.”

Price: $64.99 / Rating: 4.4/5

8. Low-cut boots with gold caps on the toe and heel.



Promising Review: “These boots are classic in an understated way. The leather is nice and the shoe is incredibly comfortable. I do not feel like I am wearing a high heel.”

Price: $65 / Rating: 4.4/5

9. Black and red Ralph Lauren boots you won’t want to take off — ever!


Promising Review: “I purchased for my trip to Europe. I actually wore these boots all day while sightseeing in the rain. They were comfortable and fit like a sneaker.”

Price: $34.99 / Rating: 4.1/5

10. Merlot boots that will keep you on trend.


Promising Review: “These boots are super cute! They look great with leggings and sweaters. And they’re totally worth the price.”

Price: $14.77 / Rating: 3.7/5

11. Sleek Nine West boots with a pointed toe.



Promising Review: “I wanted a boot that didn’t make the heel clicking noise. And these make a low pitched click, not a high pitched, high heel click. So it works. They are comfortable and cute.”

Price: $59.95 / Rating: 4/5

12. Faux suede black boots with a super chunky heel.


Promising Review: “When I go out at night, I need a good heel that won’t make me want to take my shoes off in the bar. I absolutely love these and they go with most outfits. The heel is the perfect height, and I added an extra cushion in the shoe to give me some support when Im dancing. I couldn’t have asked for a better shoe.”

Price: $24.99 / Rating: 4/5


13. Handsome brown Hush Puppies boots with a hint of navy.


Promising Review: “I received these shoes in fine shape. They are nice looking trendy boots. I’m sure compliments are coming my way.”

Price: $77.99 / Rating: 3.9/5

14. Sharp black boots that will immediately upgrade your outfit.


Promising Review: “They are well constructed with a proper fit. I’ve worn them now perhaps 20 times during long riding sessions, and they have held up well. They’ve broken in nicely.”

$56.39 / Rating: 5/5

15. Perfectly worn-in Skechers boots with a little peek of plaid.


Promising Review: “I am very happy that I bought this color because I can wear them with jeans, khakis or black Chinos. The elastic part of the boot is a blend of colors that makes them go with just about everything.”

Price: $54.99 / Rating: 4.2/5

16. Rugged boots you can wear with your favorite distressed jeans.


Promising Review: “These boots are incredible quality with just enough style. They are easy to slip on and super comfy but solid.”

Price: $46.99 / Rating: 4.3/5

17. Brown Caterpillar boots with a stylish gold buckle.


Promising Review: “The color is just as expected. The leather strap is great and the inside is smooth.”

Price: $58.91 / Rating: 4/5

18. Stylish camo low-cut boots that will take on every element.



Promising Review: “I love these shoes. They have a great fit and are very comfy. Don’t be surprised if I buy a third pair later this year.”

Price: $68.55 / Rating: 4.2/5

19. And Stacy Adams boots that you can easily pair with dressy looks — even a suit!


Promising Review: “They fit me great and they are very comfortable.”

Price: $49.99 / Rating: 4.3/5

20. Sporty sneaker boots that will go great with all-black outfits.


Promising Review: “I like this product, especially since the boot I ordered was my exact size.”

Price: $52 / Rating: 4/5



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