Teachers’ Day 2016: 5 Inspiring Quotes About The Importance

Teachers’ Day 2016: 5 Inspiring Quotes About The Importance Of Teachers

Teachers are those important pillars of a student’s life without whom life’s journey would be a lot more difficult.
Right from our childhood till our college days and even beyond, our mentors/teachers guide us as to how we should move towards our goal. They teach us how to read and write and most importantly they prepare us for a world that is not easy to handle. Like our parents, our teachers too help us prepare ourselves to face the outside world.
Teachers inspire us to dream and encourage us to strive hard to achieve our goals and all of this without a selfish motive.
Certainly there can be no better profession than this which educates, informs, prepares, inspires, encourages and at the same time also teaches us to inculcate a way of life that is for our betterment.
We salute all the teachers who give their time and energy to make our lives a little more beautiful, a little more meaningful.
Here are 5 inspiring quotes from famous personalities that will show us the importance of teachers and education in our lives.

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