Top 15 WWE Divas Who Are Hotter Than Nikki Bella

Female wrestlers in the WWE are changing. What was once a division that focused more on looks than individual skill has now flipped. Female wrestlers certainly aren’t as sexualized as they once were and there’s definitely a good deal of effort going into having them taken more seriously. But when it all comes down to it, fans will still undoubtedly pay attention to their looks. Take Nikki Bella for example.

In the modern WWE, Nikki Bella is one of the most well known faces of the company – not just the female division. She also happens to be seen as one of the more attractive girls on the roster. And while she’s certainly a looker, we should all take a step back for a minute. Certainly Nikki is incredibly talented and beautiful, but there have been many beautiful ladies to bless the WWE’s roster over the years. From the stunners in The Attitude Era to Nikki’s very own coworkers in the current PG Era, there are tons of Divas who are more attractive than John Cena’s arm candy. All the ladies on this list share two things in common. They’re talented and they’re beautiful. So just take a breather and enjoy this list of 15 beautiful Divas who are hotter than Nikki Bella.


It’s been a little over a year since AJ Lee shocked wrestling fans and retired from pro wrestling. It’s not surprising that fans still hold out hope for her and her husband – CM Punk – to eventually make a return to the ring. She was definitely a fan favourite throughout most of her tenure with the WWE. As opposed to the starlet like Divas that were prominent during her tenure, AJ focused more on her skill rather than her looks and was rewarded with a plethora of accolades and achievements. She wasn’t sexualized like many of her predecessors, but AJ went over with fans so well because of her natural charisma and wrestling ability. That’s not to say that she isn’t attractive. AJ gives off a kind of girl-next-door vibe that’ll charm the pants off any wrestling fan, new or old. While it might look like the door to her wrestling career has closed for good, we can only hope to see more of her in the future – regardless of what she decides to do next.


Bayley being on this list might confuse you a little at first, but realize that these things often come down to personal preferences. For every one man you’d find saying that Nikki Bella’s the best looking girl on the WWE Roster, there’s another who’d just as adamantly make a case for Bayley. She’s cute. She’s adorable. It’s kind of infectious. You can’t help rooting for her. She’s only been on the WWE Roster for a couple of weeks but has had a ton of hype surrounding her – dating back to her days in NXT. All of that adds to her appeal. Bayley’s WWE career is just getting off the ground, she’s still got time to evolve as a wrestler but as of now, fans aren’t exactly complaining with what they’re seeing. Look forward to seeing much more of her in the future.


Unlike the first two ladies on our list, Candice Michelle is more of a traditional WWE beauty. She started off in the WWE in 2004 after participating in the Diva Search competition. Though she didn’t win, Candice ended up getting her shot with a short lived makeup artist gimmick. She was featured in quite a few Bra and Panties matches soon after. A year after her debut, she, along with Torrie Wilson and Victoria, formed Vince’s Devils. In the following four years, Candice was one of the company’s more popular female wrestlers, even winning a Women’s Championship at one point. A string of unfortunate injures would eventually lead to the premature end of her wrestling career. But despite having it cut short, Candice Michelle is still considered to be one of the most attractive Divas to come into the WWE over the past decade.


Alicia Fox has been with the WWE since 2008, when she joined on with a wedding planner gimmick and has progressed quite nicely since then. In just two years, Fox became the first African-American to win the WWE Divas Championship. Over the next few years, Fox’s career has stagnated a bit, but she’s stuck around. She was around for the famous Divas Revolution and, while the current focus on female wrestlers in the WWE is inching further away from their looks, Alicia is nothing short of stunning. She’s easily one of the most beautiful female wrestlers to have come out in recent years and like all the ladies on this list, can back it up with solid skills and career achievements. She was recently drafted to the RAW roster where she’ll compete alongside beauties like Paige, Bayley and Charlotte to name a few.


Young wrestling fans might not know her, but older members of the WWE Universe definitely do. Stacy Keibler was probably one of the biggest names in the WWE during the mid-2000s. In a time where female wrestlers were making their mark, Keibler established herself as one of the WWE’s top talents – and one of its biggest beauties. Throughout her five year stint with the company, Keibler switched from Valet to Wrestler and while she wasn’t the most gifted in the ring, she was an entertaining performer nonetheless. Part of her success is to be attributed to her look. She was the prototypical girl-next-door character and was loved for it, regardless of her role. But looks don’t get you everywhere, not even in the WWE. Keibler was as entertaining as they got – and while it sure didn’t hurt that she was very easy on the eyes, the WWE is an entertainment business in the end, and the fact that we still remember her so fondly is a testament to how good of an entertainer she was.


The former Women’s Champ sure has come a long way in the last year. After spending several years in the WWE’s developmental territory, Sasha Banks finally made her debut on WWE TV last year. Three long years in NXT gave Sasha time to get both her look and skills down, which helped her right off the bat as soon as she made the transition to the big leagues. Her career is just getting started but she’s already making a name for herself with fans. Early success definitely helps in that regard, but so does her look. Sasha is part of a new generation of female wrestlers. A generation that continues to try and break the mold and stereotypes that have come to be over the last decade and a half. She’s not some blonde bombshell, she’s got style. It’s unique and akin to other wrestlers like AJ Lee and Lita in how it separates her from her peers.


Here we find another new generation female wrestler who just so happens to one of Nikki’s former castmates on Total Divas, the very stunning Summer Rae. Summer’s career in the WWE didn’t start off all too long ago, but her journey there was a little different than most. Summer Rae started off in developmental territories and was only called up to the main roster in 2013, when she was thirty. She spent a good chunk of her time before that as a member of the Chicago Bliss in the Lingerie Football League. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to say just because she’s older she isn’t as attractive as some of the other ladies on the roster. Quite the opposite actually. Summer Rae is one of the most breathtaking women the WWE employs.


Alongside women like Sunny and Trish Stratus, Sable is one of the most well known Divas in WWE history. She might not have had the same kind of career that Stratus had, but is still a big part of the company’s history – especially in regards to its Divas division – nonetheless. Nowadays fans probably know her as Brock Lesnar’s significant other. But put the two in the same room and see just who sticks out more. Sable has it all. The attitude, style and looks that wrestling fans love. Aside from wrestling, Sable has also dabbled in modeling and she definitely has the figure for it. It’s not hard to see why she went over so well with fans. She’s now retired and cheers her husband on from the sidelines, but that doesn’t mean that the WWE universe has forgotten about her.


Oh, well this is a surprise now isn’t it? Typically when you think of the Bella Twins, Nikki is the first one to pop into your head. The slightly more plasticized Bella certainly gets her name out there more than her sister, especially since Brie’s retirement and Nikki’s injury. Nikki certainly gets the most attention and would probably be regarded as the more recognizable of the two despite the fact that they’re twins. Even Nikki’s husband, the well-liked superstar John Cena, went over way better than Brie’s husband – Daniel Bryan – ever did. But despite the gap in popularity the “other” Bella seems to have a certain charm that her sister lacks. She certainly didn’t acquire the same assets that gets her sister those double-looks, but she can still hold her own. Now working as an ambassador for the company, fans will sadly be seeing less of Brie.


To say that Lita was just another Diva would be a downright lie. She wrestled for the company for a majority of the 2000s and established herself as a major player in that time. Lita didn’t fit into the mold of your typical Diva either. Much like AJ Lee and Sasha Banks, Lita was somewhat alternative in her appearance. She didn’t concede to regulatory standards among Divas at the time and fans loved it. It was something different. Her style and look were so different from what fans were used to, yet she was still sexy and managed to fit in perfectly while seemingly looking like the black sheep of the group. Any fans of current female wrestlers who also try their hand at the alternative look have Lita to thank. She isn’t the typical drop-dead stunner that Vince McMahon seems to have a soft spot for, but it’s very clear that that doesn’t really matter in the slightest.


From one alternative beauty to the next, here we have one of the most controversial ladies in the WWE today. Paige started her career in the WWE back in 2014 and quickly shot up to being the Divas Champion from there. It’s been a bit of a rocky road since then, such are the drawbacks of such quick success for young wrestlers. But no matter what state her career is in at the moment, no one can deny that Paige is easily one of the best looking female wrestlers on the roster. And much like the former Diva we were just talking about, Paige is attractive without having to adhere to traditional standards. She rocks the gothic look well. It helps her stick out from the other wrestlers on the roster. Add in the badass attitude and the British accent and you’ve got a lot of smiling faces in the crowd.


It’s easy to discredit the impact that Sunny had on future WWE Divas due to the issues she’s had outside of the ring since she left the WWE. While we don’t need to touch on those again, it’s safe to say that Sunny has become well known for more than her time in the wrestling world. However, back in the day, Sunny was a huge hit for the WWE. She was so beloved by the WWE Universe that, during the internet’s early years, she was the most downloaded woman of the year in the mid 90s. At her peak, any act associated with her took a huge leap forwardand that was because Sunny was drop dead gorgeous and grabbed the fans attention when she made her way to the ring. As we said, it’s easy to forget, but Sunny was a huge deal for the WWE, as she was an incredible performer, while also being stunning.


Alongside Trish Stratus and Sable, Torrie Wilson is easily one of the most popular and recognizable Divas the WWE has ever employed. Wilson got her start in WWE in 2001 as part of the Invasion storyline. She would go on to be part of a number of storylines throughout the early and mid-2000s. Torrie was easily the most attractive Diva on the roster at the time. She was the classic blonde bombshell that Vince McMahon loved – as did the fans. Wilson wasn’t just nice to look at though. She was a genuinely entertaining member of the WWE Roster. After her wrestling career ended, Wilson went on to other things such as creating her own clothing line. If you’re curious as to how she looks nearly ten years after removing herself from the WWE spotlight, then go on over to her Instagram and you’ll find that she hasn’t missed a beat.


Wrestlers can sometimes be quite controversial. It could have to do with what they say, how they act or how they look. In Eva Marie’s case however, it has to do with how she wrestles – she can’t. At least that seems to be what the majority of wrestling fans think. She signed on with the WWE in 2013 and spent two years on the main roster before getting demoted to the NXT where she was supposed to work on her skills. She’s back on the main roster now, but we’ll need more time to see exactly how that worked out. Eva’s one of the most recognizable female wrestlers on the roster – whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for debate. But one thing’s for sure, she’s a fox hands down. She might not have the skills yet, but Eva Marie has the look to be this generation’s Trish Stratus. Speaking of….


Well now this can’t be much of a surprise can it? Trish Status continues to be the most recognizable Diva in WWE history. She also happens to be its most attractive. But looks aren’t everything – and we’ll get back to that a little later. As a performer, Stratus did well for herself. She won one Hardcore Championship and a record seven Women’s Championships. She’s had one of the most storied careers of any Diva out there. Even those who don’t know much about the WWE know Trish Stratus – at least to a certain extent. With her looks, she could fit in with any era. She was the poster girl for the company for a time. She’s a rare one-in-a-kind beauty. Since retiring, her appearances within the WWE have been sporadic at best, but we sure haven’t seen the last of her.

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