WTF Compilation

Sometimes all it takes to make you feel really good about your family is looking through a bunch of pictures of WTF families shopping at Walmart. Walmart has become a hub for some weird stuff and people, as is evident by the website People of Walmart. The site highlights bizarre and disturbing things that go on in the aisles of the store, and it’s become a “thing” to
photograph people who look and dress unfortunate while shopping at the big box discount behemoth.

Seriously, there’s everything from people dressed in fox costumes to women pushing around goats in shopping carts to men’s butt cracks coming completely out of their pants. And then there are the awkward family photos, which are a whole new level of WTF. A perfect example: The mother who popped her breast out while on a mobile shopping cart to breast feed her child. Or the mother who was pushing around her daughter on a shopping cart while she had a plastic bag over her head. And dads aren’t off the hook, either. One man dragged his son behind him on the floor while wheeling around on his motorized shopping cart.

Whatever it is they’re doing, these families take the cake in terms of embarrassing Walmart stints. From dressing like twin cheetahs to making their son walk around with a giant sign that reads “I’m a liar” around his neck, these are the 10 most WTF families shopping at Walmart.

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